Sunday, November 10, 2013

It's Walking Dead Time!!!!

So, I'm sitting here writing and watching walking dead.  I wonder what shall transpire this episode.  They're already intubating some unlucky soul and another member has passed onto the zombie realm.
This show always makes me wonder just how a real apocalypse would play out.  I mean WHEN our zombie break out occurs just how bad will it get.  I guess that depends on a multitude of factors.
I think in order for an effective virus to spread it would have to be airborne.  The whole bite people and you turn thing is exciting and all, but there's no way that would spread quick enough to be uncontainable.
Anyway back to the show.  People are dropping left and right from this virus.  Of course they'll come back with some drugs, but how many people they lose who knows.  The show has slowed quite a bit and I can see why.  Zombies are a terminal thing.  Either they take over the world and that's the end or we fight back and get rid of them all.  Trying to keep a showing going season after season based on an antogonist that assimilates everyone is a big ask.
At least it's done a great deal to convince the world that zombie's are cool.  I mean everyone has a zombie novel now.  And why not?  It's the perfect line for a story.  A virus that can make you kill your best friend, brother even your wife.  Yeah that plot is full of twists.
Well, back to writing I go.

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