Monday, October 14, 2013

Yep it's Monday

I wonder if I'm the only person that thinks Monday should be eliminated.  Kind of the way superstitious hotels ignore the 13th floor.  Like it's a day we'll just skip over.  Oh it's still there, but for practical purposes it doesn't exist so you can't expect me to do anything on that day.

Anyway, in writing news I finished Rise of the Elementals and it's now available for a whopping .99 cents.  Anyone waiting on Escape, the third installment of the doomsday playbook, I'm sorry!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Who knew that would be such a difficult book to finish.  All I can say is I'm trying.  It doesn't help that everyday I come up with three new story ideas that I have to jot down before they fade away to oblivion.  So on my current writing plate I have Escape (duh), Apocalypse II, Invasion CK3, The lost ones and a few novels under a pen name I'll never reveal.

So, I'm working on a post I'll probably put up later today to complain about free books.  I read some article that seems to be getting some traction.  It was about an author criticized for not writing like an introduction for free.  While most agree with him, as do I, some of the responses seem to think it's his job to do free stuff.  Sad how little respect the writer gets.  I'm mean I have a free title, but it's a short story and it's an intro into a series. 

I'm still busy trying to convince the rest of the world that I'm important.  And I actually possess a very small trace amount of writing talent.  Guess it's harder than it initially sounded.  I did get some pretty spiffy business cards and designed some posters though.  I have a few appearances starting next month and through 2014.  Gonna talk to the youth of America and convince them that reading is cool.  Maybe I'll increase my fan base to two.

To all you Fifty Shades fans, I heard that one actor fellow "pulled out" of playing the lead role.  Guess he thought it may typecast him or ruin his acting career in general.  Honestly if you're E.L. James, who cares.  Her books have become a household name.  Tom Clancy is dead :-( but you knew that already.  Oh, and I've finally convinced Siri to refer to me as "Oh captain my captain," she was very reluctant at first.

Well enjoy the week and happy reading.   


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