Tuesday, April 17, 2012

It's Tuesday People

Someday I'll hop on this blog and have 24,000 followers instead of 24 but until then ugh!!  I really want to finish "Night Slashers" but jeez it's hard.  I'm sure I missed my last deadline and I should be chopping off my lying hands instead of typing.  This lack of product is truly damaging my goal of selling 8000 books a month.  I'll laugh to myself since I'm more on track to do something like 80.  Doomsday preppers keeps me going though.  LOL.  Twitter, I don't know what to say about that thing.  Either I'm internet illiterate or I just suck but I don't get it.  In 3 months I've managed to acquire just about 500 followers which i'm guessing isn't much.  But I still don't see the value.  I normally use my phone when on twitter and I really don't pay much attention to the majority of tweets.  If the rest of the world is 50% as lazy as I am then why even tweet.  I digress, I suppose I better get back to writing.  

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