Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Flash in the pan or slow burning amber

It seems like with so many things in life, people focus their efforts on purely the short term.  Maybe it's the nature of our species or a societal ideal thrust upon us at a young age.  Whatever the case may be, most times our greatest efforts are thwarted by short sightedness.  It's like we are given a finite amount of gasoline and we are apt to pour it all into one pan creating the biggest explosion possible, only for it to dwindle quickly and extinguish.
We never seem able to stop and connect the dots.  See that not only our actions, but the actions of others and that of the universe are also at work.  Newton so famously said "to every action there is always opposed an equal reaction."  Yet we act as though our lives are conducted in silos.  
Take a pile of wood and pour gasoline all over them.  Most times they'll burn themselves out before any real damage can be done.  But a slow burning amber, forgotten by most will continue to burn.  Slowly it will grow and spread it's roots deep.  Focused just the right amount it will eventually set the forest ablaze.
Here's to the slow burning amber.    

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  1. Makes sense to me, guess now is not the time to complain that I'm still waiting for Origins to come out. :-)