Wednesday, April 24, 2013

"The multiplying villanies of nature do swarm upon him"

And here I am purporting pen as brandished steel.  I wonder if when Shakespeare wrote that line in Macbeth he was thinking about me?  Certainly I've had no dealings with witches, although one could debate that.  And unlike our dear friend Macbeth I still yet draw breath.  But it would be surely disingenuous to claim that I haven't had my fair share of swarming.
Like many things in life bad fortune often comes by our own doing.  The skies seem to open and the evils of the world descend upon us all at once.  What are men to stand in the way of fate?  Unless we realize that we are the weavers of our own.  Although if you believe that, then there is no fate.  Just a future we create ourselves.  I like that version better.
It's definitely the optimist that thinks only he is capable of changing his position, but maybe that's the truth that the realist sees as well.  The pessimist is stuck in a world he is incapable of changing and those with the power lack the desire to do so.  Life is a game by which we only truly learn by trial and error.  And having the courage to take that step into the darkness is all one really needs to achieve greatness.
While the statement has been said so many times it's become cliche, it's still worth repeating.
"Dare to be great." 

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