Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Here's the thing

It's 1:02am and I'm up watching the social network wondering when I'll finish my latest novel.  It's been a week or two since I blogged last and not much has changed with me.  Apocalypse, the short story seems to be my biggest seller and does about 200 copies a month.  I know J.K. here I come.  Creature Kid I expect to pick up once I get the 2nd volume out.  And my other short story Love in a time of outsourcing hasn't really done much, not sure why...I really really liked that one.  On another note I bought Groupon a while back, 410 shares at an average of 15.61.  They subsequently made a number of errors and the stock plummeted to 9.63.  But like a trooper I held my stock and it looks like I may turn a profit tomorrow, after a better than expected earnings report.  I know that was quite the leap from my dwindling book sales to the stock market but I'm eccentric like that.  Since I'm not a best selling author yet living off my superior writing skills I've been looking at different out of state and out of country job opportunities in my real line of work.  I think a little time out of the states would do me some good.  My life is turning into a soap opera of sorts, but unfortunately I can't find the nerve to divulge my life story here.  At any rate I suppose I'll try to bang a few words out before I pass out. 

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