Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Caillou is ruining America

Don't know if many of you have kids, but if you do, you may have caught an episode or two of Caillou.  The bald headed 4 year old that pops up on the Sprout network.  This child is ruining America one episode at a time and represents all that is wrong with the world.  The entire cartoon is filled with his envious, jealous, self centered and selfish whining.  Now I know that seems harsh and quite a stance to take on a children's cartoon, but this show drives me crazy.  Caillou doesn't want to share his toys, he whines.  Caillou can't do as many monkey bars as his friends, he whines.  Caillou can't run as fast as someone else, he whines.  This little child complains about everything and his parents continually make excuses.  They pacify him at every turn and I want to yell shut up and start working at the television.  What the hell are we teaching our kids.  It's okay to suck and we'll make an excuse for you.  Pretty much.  This is the American problem at large.  Run a business into the ground, we'll bail you out.  Kill all your children in the bath tub, just blame it on the voices.  Republicans blame Democrats, Democrats blame Republicans and meanwhile we all lose.  We've become a culture of whining snake oil peddlers and it's sad.  Who shall we blame for this?  Caillou of course.  Because at a young age children don't learn hard work and perseverance anymore.  They don't learn to applaud determination and the rewards that come with it, they learn envy and hate.  They learn whining and acceptance of failure.  Get it together America, we've become the Caillou's of the world.    


  1. I love Caillou. He whines, sure, but he always learns his lesson. Even more important--I like the way his house is drawn.