Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Trayvon Martin

So I normally don't write much on this blog about news etc. but I thought this deserved an exception.  Not more than an hour down the road from where I live a neighborhood watch person decided to take matters into his own hands and killed a young boy of 17.  While this happened a month ago it's just begun to attract large scale media attention.  It seems the shooter, George Zimmerman claimed self defense and the Sanford Police saw no reason to investigate any further.  Now the case has gone federal.  Over half a million people have signed an online petition and the FBI as well as the state department are conducting investigations.  While much of the talk has been about whether this was racially fueled or not it seems the main issue is being overlooked.  George Zimmerman, a private citizen, tracked an unarmed minor and murdered him.  Trayvon didn't pursue this man he simply was trying to get home.  Zimmerman went out of his way to follow Trayvon and the result was his death.  It puzzles me beyond reason why something so simple is being so complicated.  If I decide to follow you home and subsequently kill you while you are on your way, there is no self defense law that will protect me.  What is also alarming is now they are taking aim at the self defense laws in Florida as if these are to blame.  Zimmerman is not protected under the self defense law and had he followed it Trayvon would still be alive today.  The law does not permit you to track private citizens, attack them and then kill them out of self defense.  They have another name for that and it's called murder.  Even if Trayvon had just robbed the local gas station or one of the neighboring houses Zimmerman has no right to pursue or shoot him.  But this wasn't even the case, he had legally purchased candy and a drink and simply wanted to return home.  End point, this is just ridiculous. 

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