Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Quick Update

I really wish I had something worth updating but I don't.  I've changed the plot outline to Night Slashers 5 times now and finding any time to write is getting beyond difficult.  On the upside it's seems my short story Apocalypse is all the rage, makes me wish I sold it for more than .99 cents lol.  Creature Kid has really slowed down and i'm lucky to sell two copies a week.  But book 2 is coming along very well and I think I'm going to release a revision to book one for .99 cents or free.  To all those who just love Apocalypse and hate me for not making it an entire book I will be releasing a novel length prequel and sequel to the story in the coming months.  Well that's all for now gotta run to the gym, all this writing is making me fat.

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