Friday, March 23, 2012

Calm down Apocalypse is just a short story

So I've seen some reviews on Apocalypse saying how great it was but the ending sucked because it just stopped.  I'd hoped people who bought my books also followed my blog but since I only have 24 followers that's obviously not the case lol.  At any rate I shall post it again here, Apocalypse is just a short story and is the middle book between two full length novels.  "At Days End" is the prequel to Apocalypse and "Dark Sun Rising" is the sequel.  Dark Sun picks up right where Apocalypse left off which is how it was intended.  No I did not get run over by a car or abducted by aliens during the last scene in Apocalypse, this was simply a clever literary device known as a cliff hanger :-).  So to anyone who's worried about the abrupt ending please know that the story will go on and both of these books should be out in April.

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