Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Sorry I kept you waiting

Sorry I've been away so long world.  My attempted promotion of Creature Kid has become an all consuming thing.  Who knew it would be so hard.  At any rate I've managed to steal some time to write so I'm wrapping up the short story, catching up on Night Slashers and stopping by to give my loyal 5 followers an update lol.  The tour for Creature Kid is still humming along and if you'd like to see the calendar to check out the next stop you can find the link here - www.hollowtours.com In the next week I should have some time to get some things done here as well as the creature kid site and my personal site which is yet to go live.  On another note I just had an epiphany while writing this.  The posts I make will either become a roadmap to success for others when I catch JK Rowling or a detailed timeline of my failure when the books fall into sheer obscurity.  Yes, it's all black and white here there is no half empty.  :-)

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