Friday, February 3, 2012


I'm sitting at my second office "Crispers" writing away.  Decided I needed a bit of a break so a random blog and some people watching should be good.  I'm really glad I haven't had much work this week, allowed me to do some "deep" thinking.  Haven't had much time to do that lately.  It's about 77 degrees out here and there's a nice breeze coming in.  Perfect place to soak up some inspiration.  Some couple just got in a heated debate over who could park better after the man drove the car over the parking curb.  People make me laugh.  A related topic, women with giant SUV's scare me.  There's a family of four sitting a few tables away their 3 year old is boycotting food.  Just turned around in his chair and is making faces at me.  I wish I had my horse mask with me.  Their daughter is forcing them to go in.  This warm temperature on the patio is far too cold for her.  LMAO, a couple just took the table next to me.  A cougar and her cub.  She is all of 60 and he possibly just got out of middle school.  I assumed it was her grandson until the spit exchange occurred which lasted ten minutes.  That Thai chicken salad almost came up.  Well that's enough mindless rambling for now, back to writing I go.    

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