Thursday, February 20, 2014

Prepped: The Doomsday Playbook Part I

So I've taken this little child of mine and set her free.  Get your copy today before the much awaited novel comes out in March.

Okay so I know I said I'd be posting at least once a week, but I obviously suck.  I have been writing my tail off though.  Escape, The Doomsday Playbook Part 3 is finally wrapping up and will be available for purchase in March.  Stay tuned as I plan to drop a few sneak peeks.  For all of you Creature Kid fans (ok the two of you out there)  Invasion is slated for a summer release and the boys will be back together.  (Save for the ones we lost)

Aside from that I have some things in the works that I hope will be awesome.  I finally started outlining my vampire trilogy.  Keeping the name under wraps as I don't want anyone to steal it.  (Cause it's super awesome)  It'll be released as one novella and two novels.  Well, unless I make more and it morphs into five or six books.  Either way the novella and the first novel should be out before the summer and the novella shall be FREE!!!!  Cause people just love free stuff right??

Anyhow, back to writing I go.  I hope to blog a bit more in the next few days, but if I don't, please don't hold it against me.  What am I if not a man? 

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