Thursday, January 10, 2013

So if you actually pay attention

If you have actually read any of my books it's pretty obvious that the covers floating above are super old.  Yes in my early days I did not have the skill I possess now.  I promise, well maybe I shouldn't promise, but I'll make a valiant effort to update all the images on my blog this week.  I swear the new covers are so much more awesome.  In other news Origins Volume 2 of Creature Kid is picking up steam.  I'd lost a bit of my mojo for a while.  I also  have Apocalypse 2 in the works, Escape Part 3 of the Doomsday Playbook and a new post apocalyptic work, Second.  There are some other things in the works as well, but I'll keep them wrapped up and do a giant cover reveal pretty soon.  Well as you can see I have a lot to write so I'm getting back to it.  Until next time.

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