Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Seriously MTV...

So I am sitting here writing, heavily distracted since I have my TV on.  And MTV has this show called catfish.  It's utter ridiculousness.  The premise is the people fall in love with someone they've only ever met on the Internet.  They talk about marriage and kids etc.  It's a reality show by the way.  So the hosts takes these people to meet their Internet love and they are all shocked when these people are not who they say they are.  Like one chick fell in love with this guy who was a model, anesthesiologist and a writer for the Chelsea lately show.  When she finally meets her so called dream man it's actually a fat chick that played soccer.  How is any of this shocking????  If I met some chick online that showed me all these model pictures claimed to be a classical pianist, a world renown sculpture, speak 6 languages fluently and run the 100 in 10 seconds flat, I'm not sure I'd be surprised when it all turned out to be false.  No wonder book sales are down, with the quality of all these compelling TV shows who has time to read.  IJS.

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