Monday, October 29, 2012

Quick Update

I made a promise to blog more frequently so here it is.  First off, yes I know I need to update this blog, I have old covers etc.  I'm getting to it, just trying to wrap up "Night Slashers."  I'm getting there.  No I wasn't hit by a bus.  Contrary to popular belief I'm not even human so had I been hit by a bus it would've left little more than a scratch.  A follow up to "Love in a time of outsourcing" is back on the table.  Don't ask me how this will work since...*************************************************spoiler alert*****************************the main character dies in the end***************************************(end spoiler alert)*************************************************************************************************************
but whatever, there was a room full of more than shady characters and an increasing pile of dead bodies...this could really go somewhere.  CK2 - Origins is in production as well as Apocalypse 2 - Dark Sun Rising.  Now that I've pretty much wrapped up Night Slashers and am just doing final edits I can really dig into these two books so I promise to pick up the pace.  Aside from that, be well and stay dry, the mega hurricane, death star, perfect storm, or whatever they are calling it now is slamming into the east coast.  Back to writing I go before the power or something goes out.


  1. Yes!!!! LIATOO part 2, that would be awesome.

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