Wednesday, June 20, 2012

What does The Lion King teach us about life

So I'm sitting here watching The Lion King with my two and three year old for the trillionth time.  And suddenly the question occurred to me, what life lessons am I getting from this movie.  I mean on the surface it seems like a happy go lucky movie but the deeper meaning is dark and disturbing.  Without fail your Uncle will try to kill you and succeed in murdering your father.  You will then be outcast from your home and befriend a fat guy and a midget.  You'll run off into the jungle with this motley crew eating psychedelic foods and wasting the days away as you sing rather catchy tunes.  Someday an ex-girlfriend will reappear to tell you what a loser you are and how you've let everyone down.  You'll fight her, but like always she'll over power you and beat you into submission.  This will abruptly end your bromance with the fat guy and midget who no doubt had a slight crush on you.  You'll return home to find your place turned into a crack house with dozens of strung out crack heads lurking around mooching off the women.  With the help of your ex, the fat guy and the midget you'll vanquish your homicidal uncle and restore order to your home.  And there you have The Circle of Life.   

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