Monday, June 4, 2012

Did the end of the world get here early?

What you see above is not an optical illusion but the picture you see if you walk outside in Florida.  This could be seen elsewhere, but I'm in Florida so I'll stick with that.  Today is June 4, 2012 and I'm starting to think the aliens didn't get the memo that the end of the world is supposed to be in December.  How dare they! 

As if folks in Florida don't have enough to deal with.  Zombies in Miami, flesh eating bacteria in Georgia and now an alien invasion.  You heard it hear first ladies and gentlemen, get your guns ready; or perhaps you shouldn't.  I've seen enough alien movies to know we stand very little chance of winning a battle with interstellar travelers.  Unless of course they are allergic to water and decided to come to the one planet in our solar system that is mostly comprised of H2O. 

Zombies on the other hand we can tackle.  As most movies have shown a simple gunshot, knife stab or other blunt object to the head will render them un-undead.  Flesh eating bacteria, just stay out of rivers and wash your wounds.  But the alien threat looming over the Florida sky, we are ill equipped to handle. 

Seriously, though I'm not sure what on earth is going on.  As a science fiction/everything else writer I'm apt to run with conspiracy theories.  But even a church going, tax paying republican might see the series of events that have unfolded in the last few weeks and quiver a tad.  Things just keep getting more and more odd and if aliens don't invade soon I'm not sure how we'll explain this.

My message to aliens, why don't you guys come back in a few months you're like half a year early.

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