Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Work is never done

Finished Creature Kid and hard at work on Night Slashers also have a comedy self help book on it's way.  Here's a taste of it below.

How to make a woman love you in 5 minutes

It was once said that men are from Mars and women are from Venus.  This could not be further from the truth, for anyone with a mother can attest to the fact that we are not even from the same solar system.  Now I don’t mean this in a bad way, but there are obvious and some not so obvious differences between us.  Knowing these differences, not understanding them will put you one step ahead of the game.  It would be a pointless venture for anyone to ever attempt to understand in entirety the female psyche.  But the ability to understand what they do and not always why they do it is an invaluable tool. 
Normally when we think of women there is always one individual that stands out.  One individual that represents everything we know or think we know about our female counterparts.  Now this may be a High School sweet heart or the lunch lady with the hair net who never gave you quite enough mash potatoes.  Regardless of who this person is for you, I bring this point up to show how we generalize women.  I’m sure most of us can probably put every woman in the world into three to four categories.  Well I’m here to tell you, that is your first mistake.  Women are like sly tigress and no two ever have the same stripes.  Each and every woman wants to be treated differently and wants different things out of life.  If we indeed intend to have stronger relationships with our women we must take each one for what they are and start from scratch.

Now this is the time you need to get a drink or a bite to eat and for the squeamish you may want some alcohol because it’s going to start getting tricky.  In the next few pages everything you know about women is going to change.  Some of you may be able to accept this some of you may not.  Either way a new perspective will be shown to you and the light at the end of the tunnel will get a little brighter.  So with no further adieu let us get back to the matter at hand.
Let us first start with the most common “nice guy” excuse for not being too successful with the ladies.  “Women like bad guys.”  Now let’s examine this a bit.  How exactly do we define a “bad guy?”  Well to give us somewhere to start lets say he is roughly six feet tall, athletic build, piercing and tattoos most likely, a bit of an extrovert with a reclusive side, and has about as much respect for women as he does his underwear.  Now that we have our generalized bad guy the question is what is there to like about him.  Not to say this always holds true, but I can sum up his most attractive feature in one word, confidence.  Women are attracted to confidence.  Trust me, the fact that he may be wanted in 12 states, or there is a chance in a rage of passion he might send them to the emergency room is not what wins them over.
The bad guy mystique is just wreathing with confidence, well not exactly confidence but it sure seems that way.  Most likely it’s a high level of testosterone and low self esteem, but either way it sure resembles that lion in the jungle.  Whatever the case may be “bad guys” as you would call them are gonna be on the low scale of inhibitions so when they approach a woman the results will normally be more successful. 

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