Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Did I hurt your feelings?

While Penn State coaches are busy raping little kids the coach at a highschool in Wyoming has provided us with weeks and weeks of laughter.  Pat Lynch head coach of the Buffalo Bison's created a "Hurt Feelings Report."  This questionnaire he distributed to his players has caused quite a bit of controversy.  I for one think it's hilarious and almost ruined my laptop when I spit water all over it after reading about this.  The survey asks questions like if you have permanent feelings damage, or if you need tissue for your tears.  It also has a reasons for filing this report section where the player would check boxes by the relevant issues, including “I am thin skinned,” “I have woman like hormones” and “I am a cry baby.”  It glorifies the offender in a section which states “name of ‘Real Man’ who hurt your sensitive little feelings.”  I only have one word for this...Awesome.  I think people need to get a grip.  It's a survey for a football team and if words on paper hurt your feelings then you don't deserve to wear a helmet.  God forbid you ever hear the words my highschool coaches said to us.

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