Thursday, November 3, 2011

California's on fire....again

If you haven't heard about Occupy Wall Street you need to first crawl from under your rock.  Then if you agree with them take said rock and launch in the direction of nearest banker.  Essentially a group, sick and tired of the disparity in America has decided to protest on Wall Street which in turn has spread to Occupy "place random city here." 
All started by a group of Canadians, who knew they could be so bitter...what's that aboot.  You have to appreciate the irony that a group of Canadians are responsible for the movement to fix the income inequality in America.  Their latest target was Oakland, California which turned violent when law enforcement attempted to allay the situation.  This lead to several fires being started, fireworks exploding, rocks being thrown and tons of tear gas.  Makes you wonder if the Canadians are really just trying to hit the fast forward button on our countries demise.  In my opinion they should occupy better places, if I could mobilize a few thousand people we'd occupy Olive Garden.  (Bottomless bread sticks and salad) 

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