Tuesday, October 25, 2011

News No one Cares about - "Selena Gomez, Justin Beiber adopt a dog"

She could hear the raspy voice echoing through the halls finding its way past her eardrums into her brain stirring a primeval feeling like the dark nights before man discovered fire.  It was a melodic blend of a drunken pirate and a 12 year old girl on random barbiturates.  Following the tone deaf high note a few golden locks swayed around the corner and came into focus providing their own light in the dimly lit room.
“Oh baby B” she stirred.  “Isn’t rescuing dogs just electrifying?”
Justin didn’t immediately answer he simply smiled brandishing a set of perfect ivory veneers which may have been illegal in some countries.
“Let’s call him Bryan” Selena proclaimed.  Justin swiftly had a flashback of a shady swagger coach who’s impromptu exit left him lost and confused in the murky waters of the hip hop river.  He looked down on his over sized aqua marine Airforce ones and the 15 pound platinum diamond encrusted cross dangling from his neck.  A cold shiver ran down his spine.  Too close he thought.  “Nah shawty, what about Baylor,” Justin countered while simultaneously making a heart symbol with his fingers.  Selena looked down at the one good eye of the decrepit husky pup who balanced himself on his three working legs.  “Baylor,” she whispered.  Then she grabbed Justin and they hugged so intensely the mockingbird singing outside the window exploded. 

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