Thursday, December 13, 2012

Come on man!!!

So, this is a bit of a controversial topic, but one that really gets under my skin.  Gun Control.  So I was watching the news the other day, as I normally do.  And a story ran about a man that opened fire in a crowded shopping mall.  The man was armed with some type of semi automatic rifle.  He managed to shoot I believe three people, killing two of them. 

While the fallout hasn't started yet, I'm certain anti-gun folk are about to start pushing more gun laws etc. etc.  Now what bugs me about all of this is that more gun control is the dumbest answer to the problem I've ever heard.

First off you can probably count on one hand the number of legal gun owners who've taken innocent lives.  People get drunk and kill people every day in cars or not even when they're drunk.  Do we plan on outlawing cars and going back to bicycles?  In my opinion more guns would be a better albeit extreme answer.  If you look at all of the shootings that have occurred, one trained citizen with a firearm would've made all the difference and saved countless lives.

I think are gun laws are fine as they stand.  But it seems like any time a tragedy occurs people are up in arms (pun intended) trying to take everyones guns.  I wish as a society we could be more level headed and actually make logical decisions. 

Ok, crawling off my soap box.  I'm just saying....  

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  1. I never understand how we let ignorance and lack of facts create laws. It's a shame