Thursday, October 20, 2011

Real Time with Bill Maher is Hilarious

Let me start by saying I can't really accede to any political party.  I mean it's hard to decide my stance on any topic prior to hearing it.  But the vast majority of republican TV/talk show hosts are wildly inaccurate and borderline mentally retarded.  Rush Limbaugh seems to be the leader of this stupid march and drawing a stark contrast stands Bill Maher.  The majority of the time what he has to say is actually based on fact.  He has guests from both sides arguing topics that actually mean something to someone.  And he's actually funny (most of the time).  I'm sitting up now watching last weeks show and I must admit I'm having a good laugh.  Now since this blog was created to be an extension of my writing let me tie that in.  Watching this makes good background work for my political thriller I'm composing :-/ Maybe not, hmmm a political thriller, now that's an idea.  Perhaps I've spawned something.  Let's bang out a line or two and see if it sticks.  Off the top of my head, and feel free to steal this because I doubt I'll ever write it, the plot will be a presidential candidate who is having an affair with the incumbents wife he attempts to break it off and comes home to find her dead in his living room.  Ah yes a typical who dun it, but perhaps not.  Richard Meisner was a charismatic fast talking New Yorker who somehow combined southern hospitality with a Bronx kid attitude.  His ascension to the peak of the political landscape was nothing less than stellar.  A mediocre stint at a high school even he couldn't pronounce and two years of junior college prior to graduating from the University of To not be named with a liberal arts degree.  It goes without saying that no one expected great things from him.  But somehow in his late thirties Richard found his stride.  He rose through the ranks in Congress, moved into the Governors mansion Pennsylvania and now at the young age of 42 was making a run at the presidency.  But that run may well be cut short by lifeless redhead who lay slumped over his ottoman.  Well there you go I've justified watching this show, now someone go ahead and further develop that and send me the proceeds.

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