Friday, September 4, 2015

I'm a full-time what?

That's right folks.  I've taken the plunge and become a full-time writer.  It's been a few weeks now and what I can tell you is scheduling is everything.

I'll attribute a bit of my slacking to the kids going back to school a week or so ago and all the madness that went with that.  I fell from my 3,000 words a day to like 3....
But now things have gotten back to normal and I've carved out a schedule that I plan to stick to.  I've got a basket of books to get out and no time to waste.  (my next meal depends on it)

On a bright note, as if Bookbub could read the stars, they finally approved the first book in my apocalyptic series "Countdown"
 for a run on Oct. 5th.  I have high hopes for that being that it's easily my best seller and the fifth and final novel will be out by then.

I'm really hoping this will break the series out and I can finally get that yacht and get to sailing like Hugh Howey lol.

I have to admit it's great to be able to write and not be worried about anything else.  The down side is you can quickly fill up writing time with things to do around the house.  My advice to anyone looking at going full-time is to plan your day just like you're still working.  If your schedule is 8-5 then write from 8-5 and don't end up changing light bulbs or checking off that to do list around the house.

More updates to come and I hope to blog more regularly now as I really can't make anymore excuses.  Until then, see you around.


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    1. What kind of writers are you looking for? Email me